By now everywhere you read the words "this site uses cookies", but you have no idea what it means?
Read this page for more info!

It often happens to accept the information without reflecting on it, but it is good to have an idea, at least general, of what we are accepting. Cookies are files that store some data while you browse the internet and visit certain sites.

Alcuni cookies sono operativi e fondamentali per permetterti di navigare su un sito e acquistare, ad esempio grazie a questo tipo di cookies puoi aggiungere un prodotto al carrello e continuare a navigare sul sito (se sei indecisa tra i tanti modelli Quanticlo
Another case is that of the account: using cookies we can allow you to create an account that can be very useful for verifying your previous orders, your preferred address where to ship orders, etc.

A second type of cookies is that relating to preferences, therefore they are used to automatically remember all the operations or settings you prefer to have when you browse our site.
For example, we need to suggest you the products you have seen recently, a very useful service that we offer because it allows you to easily find a pair of shoes that you like and have seen maybe a few minutes before. Other preferences that can be saved are the language you use, etc.

The last case is that relating to the analysis of our site.
For Quanticlo it is very important to understand what its customers like, for example the most loved and sought after models, or the most useful information for a customer who is about to buy.
Your data is still safe, it will only be used by Quanticlo and any third-party apps, only for the purpose of providing analysis and services (Quanticlo s.r.l.s absolutely does not sell your data to third parties). The privacy of our customers is very important!
Now you will hopefully have a clearer idea of ​​what cookies are and why they are used! Quanticlo uses cookies to offer more services and improve the customer experience, as well as to study news to improve our services and products!

PS. by using you will consent to the use of cookies but remember that you can deactivate your preference at any time directly from your browser (in this case some services may no longer be available).

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